Texas Juggling Society
Jugglefest XXVI
February 22-24, 2019
Austin, Texas

   The 2019 Festival and Public Show will be at
Lanier High School  (TSD is under renovation)                 
      See the Shows page for details on limited seating this year.
               Public Show tickets ($15) available HERE until Feb 20 or until sold out.           

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division
of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.
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Jugglefest - Special Guests / Public Show Performers

Master of Ceremonies for this year's Public Show is funny man Michael Trautman. Michael has been clowning around the world for over 40 years. He has performed, directed and taught at the long list of festivals and performances listed on his website as well as the prestigious International Jugglers' Association. Among his many talents is his obsessive artistic dedication to the the tiny plastic orb, the ubiquitous bouncing ball featured in his one man show King Pong's Ping Pong Rodeo
(photo by E. Lamprecht)

Nicolas Souren, born in California to French parents, started performing at the age of 9 as a bareback horse rider and acrobat. He debuted his juggling act at the age of 17 and has become one of a select few jugglers to juggle 10 rings. Nicolas won silver and gold at the 2001 International Jugglers' Association Convention and in 2008 was voted best act in France while working for Cirque Achille Zavatta.

Salih Mahammed is a Circus performer from Ethiopia based in Baltimore, MD. He has over 12 years of performing experience, performing internationally with Circus Mother Africa tour, Circus Ferrel and Cirque Dreams and was featured in the 2018 International Jugglers' Association Welcome Show.

Nathan Biggs-Penton
is a 2017 graduate of the Quebec Circus School, studying juggling, dance, acrobatics, cyr wheel, hand to hand, aerial rope, clown and music. Nathan is currently on tour with Saloon – Cirque Eloize.


Juggler and yoyo performer Justin Weber has placed in the World Yo-Yo Contest and was featured in the 2018 International Jugglers' Association Welcome Show.

Paris, named the Hip Hop Juggler by Al Roker himself, has been dazzling audiences with his brand of juggling for over a decade. He has performed on The Today Show, Sesame Street, and The White House and trained illusionist David Blaine for his "Electrified" stunt in New York City.

Ian Nguyen is a native Austinite who first learned how to Yo-Yo at the age of 6 by watching tutorials on YouTube. Two years later, in the summer of 2018, Ian learned how to juggle 3 tennis balls from his Dad. Fascinated, Ian went back to YouTube to pick up more knowledge, tips, and tricks. That opened Ian up to the wonderful world of juggling.

Always challenging herself and others, the delightful Taylor Glenn  returns to our stage after an eight year hiatus. Taylor learned how to juggle when she was bored playing baseball. She is a successful film and tv editor in Los Angeles CA, but always finds time to post daily to her instagram @taylor_tries to inspire people to try new things.

     Taylor's performance is sponsored by Pure Circus.
     Pure Circus belives in making the world a better place for all through circus.

Eric Jackson is a hobbyist juggler and performer, largely performing for small events, his local festival, and various renegade acts around the Midwest. He competed in the 2017 International Jugglers' Association Individuals competition.

Spencer Androli, from Tyler Texas, learned to juggle when he was 8 years old. He has placed every year since 2015 in World Juggling Federation championships and won first place in the 2017 Advanced Overall Championship.

We are fortunate to have Jonathan Root, one half of the 20 year running duo Rootberry, as Master of Ceremonies for our Friday night Renegade show at the North Door.