Pandemic Public Show
February 27, 2021
7:30pm CST Youtube

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From Madison, Wisconsin, Mark is a professional comedy juggler, yo-yo performer, and all-around funny guy. He started yo-yoing and performing in high school. After majoring in Art, Mark dropped out of a graduate program in Metalsmithing to become a full-time performer. He is a member of the Duncan Crew, a former Masters Division World Yo-yo Champion, Spin Top Champion and has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman. 

Geoff Marsh won the 2016 IJA Peoples Choice Award and placed 1st in the 2014 IJA Busking Competition. In addition to teaching circus skills in the Milwaukee Public Schools, he has toured internationally and throughout the USA with his skills as a magician, clown, puppeteer, juggler and fire manipulator.
As a teenager he started out hacky sacking for change in New Orleans' French Quarter, then met more street performers on a trip to Ireland.
Geoff volunteers with Clowns Without Borders. "Where resources are scarce, make laughter abundant." 

Hazel Bock graduated from NICA in 2003, spent 17 years as a freelance artist, creating her own company, Circus Catharsis, with acrobat Avan Whaite, devising and performing three original shows which explored the narrative and theatrical possibilities of circus. She also worked with established circus companies including four years with the internationally acclaimed Circus Oz, several tours with Circus Quirkus (New Zealand), and guest spots with Circus Monoxide, CIRCA and Robinson's Family Circus. Most recently she has been performing with GOP on the German variety circuit. Hazel specializes in Juggling and Foot Juggling. 

Jim Mackenzie has been acting up since the age of 7.

He began his professional juggling career, still without an act, at the Houston Festival in 1986 and has been entertaining audiences ever since, at Renaissance Festivals, Six Flags theme parks and Comedy Festivals, and recently served as Director of Clowning with The Houston Grand Opera. 

Olivia Porter

Renowned for her innovative and unusual juggling style, Olivia Porter's never-before-seen manipulation skills have taken her all over the world. She has performed in the internationally renowned company La Soiree in London's West End and was a full time ensemble member at Circus Oz for over three years. She has worked extensively across the USA in multiple cabaret shows and over the last two years performed in the world renowned variety show Palazzo in Hamburg and Stuttgart. She co-created an independent show with the amazing Jarred Dewey and Nicci Wilks Party Ghost that recently won the 2020 Green Room Award for Best Circus. Even though a little socially awkward off stage, Olivia offers a strong uniqueness in her on-stage performances that are truly unforgettable. 

Lucas Zileri & Silvia Giliberto

Lucas and Silvia are an artistic duo currently based in Italy. He studied in the circus school ESAC and has since performed in juggling conventions like the IJC and in festivals like Hopla, Trapezi and Pennabilli. She graduated from the Milan Conservatory as a pianist and is currently doing a master specializing in twentieth century chamber music.

They met last year and have been mixing object manipulation and piano playing ever since. Their current performance explores the music and juggling possibilities of ping pong. 

Daniela Corradi

Originally from Argentina, Daniela started juggling during her travels throughout Latin America, specializing in club manipulation.

She has participated in festivals, conventions and circuses in Paraguay and Brazil, where she now lives as part of Ouvidor 63 in São Paulo, a cultural and artistic residence with over 120 members. Ouvidor 63 is the headquarters for the 6/12 Circus Collective. 

Madison Ward

Former Austin juggler/unicylist, Madison Ward is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Montreal. She has focused on art forms such as theatre, sculpture, and singing before completing her studies in circus arts. Madison attended the National Circus School of Montreal majoring in aerial rope, and minoring in acrobatics, Chinese pole, and hoop diving. Since graduating in 2019 she has worked for various companies and creative endeavours, enjoying all ranges of performance and experimentation. When she is not performing she can be found working on collaborative projects, writing, dancing around her apartment, and fighting for social justice. 

Spencer Androli

Spencer Androli, from Tyler Texas, learned to juggle when he was 8 years old. He has placed every year since 2015 in World Juggling Federation championships and won first place in the 2017 Advanced Overall Championship.