Jugglefest XXVII
February 21-23, 2020
Austin, Texas

See the Jugglefest page for more information about the fest (location, cost, main schedule)

Friday Workshops

Time Name Location Description
7:30pm 3 Ball Tricks Even Scott Can Do Room 1 Come on over and learn ball juggling tricks so awesome... even Scott can do them! ALL LEVELS
7:30pm 3 2 1... Pass! Room 2 Chris and Ed will walk you through 3-count, 2-count, and 1-count club passing patterns. ALL LEVELS
8:30pm Club Passing "Speed Dating" Gym Bring your clubs and get to know other passers! Everyone gets in a rotating typewriter feed, and when Jonathan blows the whistle, you rotate down the line. ALL LEVELS

Saturday Workshops

Time Name Location Description
11am Bounce Juggling Bounce Hallway Join David Nayer and greet the floor as a friend. This world-record holder will help you make drops that return. ALL LEVELS
11am Numbers Juggling Room 1 Cyril Rabbath will teach the Rabbath Juggling Technique, a methodology of juggling at the crossroad of Russian, Ukrainian and American styles. ALL LEVELS
2pm Street Performing Room 1 Chris Grant will explain what it takes to survive when you've got your hat out on the street. ALL LEVELS
2pm 6 Club Two-Count Tricks Room 2 Warren from Smirk will demonstrate and teach some sweet tricks when you are passing 6 clubs in a 2-count pattern. INTERMEDIATE
3pm How To Be On Stage When You're Not Juggling Room 1 Cate Great will give an intro to stage presence. ALL LEVELS
3pm Club Manipulation Room 2 Learn body rolls and contact tricks with clubs, taught by Anni Kupper. ALL LEVELS
4pm Backcrosses With All 3 Props Room 1 Real Talk: "Throw it behind your back!" is one of the most-requested tricks when a kid sees you juggling. Delaney Bayles will show you how to impress the unimpressable with balls, clubs, and rings. INTERMEDIATE
4pm Intro to Diabolo Room 2 Taught by Thomas Gu - Learn the basics of diabolo including spinning techniques, corrections and balancing, and your first few tricks! ALL LEVELS
5pm 7 is the new 5 Room 2 Maybe it's time to take your game to the next level. Graham Paasch will serve up a hot cup of tea all about 7, and how you can get there. INTERMEDIATE

Sunday Workshops

Time Name Location Description
11am Multiplexes With Clubs Room 1 Fear not! Anni Kupper will show you how to to launch clubs into the air with multiplex throws ALL LEVELS
Noon Fundamental Ring Technique Room 1 Dust off those rings and get ready to get good, because Delaney Bayles is about to school you on the funamentals of ring juggling. ALL LEVELS
1pm Take-Outs Room 1 Warren from Smirk will show you how to take out and replace clubs in another juggler's pattern without accidentally smashing it into their face. INTERMEDIATE


  • Do I need to register for a workshop in advance?
    Nope, you just need to show up.
  • Do I need to bring my own equipment?
    For the most part, yes. We'll try to have a few extra sets of gear, but it will be first come, first serve.
  • Is there an extra charge for the workshops?
    No. Workshop admission is included in the purchase of a 3-day wristband, 1-day pass, and 1-day family pack.
  • Where will the workshops be taught?
    Unless otherwise noted, all workshops will be taught in one of the two workshop rooms (doorway is in the back corner of the gym).