Jugglefest 30
March 24-26, 2023
Austin, Texas

See the Jugglefest page for Public Show location and tickets.

Multi-award-winning Cirque du Soleil juggler Thom Wall - the Master of Modern Vaudeville - wows audiences worldwide. A dazzling performer, he surprises audiences with nearly-impossible tricks using household objects. Thom's unparalleled variety show combines sophisticated Vaudeville revival acts with spectacular juggling technique. He’s shared the stage with the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall, performed for diplomats and dignitaries at the Smithsonian Institution, and juggled for thousands on stages and in circus tents around the world.

Benjamin is an international circus and theatre director, performer, musician, and clown residing in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. He tours and works with companies and individuals such as Tigerlion Arts, MOTH Circus, Thom Wall, and the International Jugglers’ Association. Benjamin is a Teaching Artist with Minnesota based COMPAS and travels regularly to rural communities to teach circus and theatre through play and curiosity. Managed by Afton Benson in Portland. 

Tyfoods is a Hip-Hop Poi Dancer, Movement Enthusiast and Neuroscience PhD Student. He has been spinning poi for 10 years, and dancing for 8 years. In that time, he has developed a systematic approach that focuses on "how to learn tricks" rather than on the tricks themselves. He is the founder/developer of PropDanceCulture, a platform created to bring ALL movement artists together so that skill growth can be accelerated, key ideas may be shared, and creativity stimulated. Lastly, he has developed the app “Flow Arts Meetup”, which is an app dedicated to bringing together flow artists from all over the world. Available on both Android and iOS!


Rope Warriors Jump Rope Team

are a competitive Jump Rope Team based in Katy, Texas, promoting physical fitness and fostering confidence, discipline, responsibility and leadership through the sport of Jump Rope. They compete each year in the American Jump Rope Federation Championships and participate and perform in school and community events.

is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and has been a practitioner of juggling and circus arts for over a decade. He can often be seen performing and juggling at festivals across the country. Jasper regularly creates videos for social media and recently won "Funniest Video of the Year" at the 2022 Juggling Awards show. 

Dustin Hubel

Recognized for his distinctive style and technical skill, Dustin Hubel is a leading hoop manipulation artist. Since his introduction to both fire dancing and hoop manipulation in 2005, he has set himself apart by innovating a variety of popular hoop techniques and performing them with precision and confidence. In addition to hoops and poi, Dustin also works with a mix of three ball and contact juggling. 

is a juggler based in Philadelphia and is a 2-time gold medalist in The World Championships of Juggling. He has also appeared as part of Wired Magazine’s “Almost Impossible” series as well as “Sports Science With John Brenkus” on ESPN and America’s Got Talent on NBC. Zak is first and foremost known for his uniqueness and originality. With 15 years of experience, he has created a wide array of never-before seen unique shapes and manipulations. 

The Spence and Paul Show

Spencer Androli, based in Tyler, TX, was voted #3 in the 2022 Top 40 Jugglers of the Year. He is an 8x world record holder, a 3x Advanced Overall winner at the World Juggling Federation Championship and a 2x Gold Medal winner at the IJA Numbers competitions.

Paul Haygood, the best juggler in Tyler, TX (before Spencer moved to town), was formerly ranked 3rd in the state of Texas in numbers juggling and has taught thousands of people how to juggle 3 balls. He is a 1x Gold Medal winner in Huggling.

Together, they are The Spence and Paul Show, performing all around East Texas and beyond, with a focus on making engaging and educational shows for schools and audiences of all ages. They are beyond excited to be performing their passing act at Austin Jugglefest this year!. 

Andrea Noel

is a variety performer from the Midwest known for her creative balloon performances. She started twisting balloons 27 years ago, and she is still amazed by the joy a simple balloon animal can bring to almost anyone. Her acts have been described as innovative, sentimental, hilarious, surprising, and wildly creative. She is thrilled to be performing in Austin once again, and she hopes you will enjoy the show!.